Sugar Cube


An Aussie Drama-Comedy about coffee, cocktails and rejection. As James, the local barista, is sure his feelings will be rejected by his best friend Sarah, he struggles to see his gender prejudices and the damage they cause.

Director’s Statement: Growing up in the nineties in country Tasmania means that the concept of feminism has been a relatively new outlook for me. Being a lover of all types of film, I realised that traditional romantic comedies suffer from an unseen support of the patriarchy at their core. I wanted to try to write a script that takes the generic traits of the rom-com genre, and exposes the situation to real world characters, including a lead female character who has her own journey and opinions that don't fit in with the main male lead.

CAST: Matt Marasco, Tess Dobre, Kai Smythe

DIRECTOR: Luke Jacobson

RUN TIME: 1 hr 30 min