FF52 - Documentary Shorts BCI


Anyone Like Me 26 min. Dir. Mimi d'Autremont - Anyone Like Me explores the intersection of Deaf culture and America's favorite pastime: football. The Gallaudet University Bison of Washington, D.C. are the world’s only collegiate deaf and hard of hearing football team. 90 percent of deaf and hard of hearing individuals are raised in families with no prior knowledge of American Sign Language or Deaf culture. This project follows coach Shelby Bean, 25, a Hard of Hearing man and former Bison team captain. Shelby, along with his players, say before they came to Gallaudet they shared the experience of marginalization for their perceived ‘disability,’ and sports was often the only place they ever felt normal. When Shelby came to Gallaudet as a freshman he didn’t know anything about Deaf culture or ASL, but through the football team he found his place within the culture and his Hard of Hearing identity.

The NBA, The White House, Child Abuse and Hitler 25 min. Dir. John Follis - Few people get honored at The White House, or The UN. This is a true story about how I got honored at both … thanks to Hitler.

120 YEARS 36.75 min. Dir. Keerthana Annamaneni - 120 YEARS tells the story of Scott Lewis, a citizen of New Haven, Connecticut who was sentenced to life in prison for a crime he never committed. Over the course of two decades, Lewis built his case from behind bars, poring over legal texts, writing to attorneys, and holding out hope that one day he might walk free.

The Battle for Ranked Choice Voting 19.25 min. Directed by: Julie Mallozzi. This is a beautiful and compelling story about what the People can do. Against all odds, the people in Maine force the politicians to listen. If only "as Maine goes, so goes the Nation"! —Lawrence Lessig. Facing increasingly divisive politics, citizens across America are coming together to change the way we vote. Maine leads the way, fighting entrenched interests to enact a reform that reduces negative campaigning, eliminates the "spoiler effect," and opens races to minority & third-party candidates.