Film Fest 52

7:00 pm Wed March 27

Francophile Shorts III - French Language & Topics With English Subtitles
Complimentary Wine For Audience Members

Sweetheart 17:12 min Dir. Jérémie Seguin - Overtaken by his childhood memories, a teenager finds out the emotional gap that séparâtes him from his mother, who has never showed any sign of affection towards him. Closer to his father, he fears his own mother, who for him is responsible for the stormy climate present in the family. Step by step, he will realize that his parents are not quite those he has imagined.

PAPA 14:00 min Dir: Christophe Switzer - How does a father explain prostitution to his eight year old son while riding in a taxi in Paris? It depends on the driver.

The Snag 8:00 min Dir. Isabelle Desalos - When Camille meet Etienne, there is something more than usual. But she has a secret which will ruin everything between them : she has HIV. When she runs away and then he catches her, the complicity turned to a lack of understanding. Despite their shared desire, those two hearts will hurt each other.

I Am Sorry 3:19 min - Dir. Olejnik Kamil - To complete the path that leads to his redemption, a condemned man writes a letter of forgiveness. By offering this letter to his children, he fulfills his most cherished desire to break the cycle of violence that destroys his family from generation to generation.

Les Tappan Zigues 9:33 min Dir. Jonah Ginsburg - is a film about the coming together of two musicians as they form a band focused on traditional French acoustic music. Bridging immensely different backgrounds, they find common ground in the songs they cover and the original music they create.

The Amazon 13:32 min Dir. Alexandra Naoum - Elie, 30, lost a breast fighting a cancer. She decided not to replace it. At a party, she falls in love with a man she thoughts she wouldn't see anymore and has to face her doubts on her new femininity.

Dolls Don’t Lie 9:40 min Dir: Julie Prieur Mia (5 years old) haven't seen her big sister since a long time. Her mom said she'll be back home when she'll eat again. So between dreams and memories, Mia start to cook, to bring her back.

Ten Minutes Tops 6:16 Dir. Antoine de Bujadoux - A man and a woman sit at a table together. They have ten minutes to talk and lots of things to doubts on her new femininity.



7:00 pm Wednesday, April 3rd At The Bethel Cinema

An Evening Of Film, Food, And Thought Provoking Discussion
With The Award Winning Documentary:

Kusama - Infinity

Reception Compliments Of Some Things Fishy Catering

All attendees are encouraged to “Get Your Dots On!” rocking the red carpet with their loudest and most bizarre and abstract Polka Dot patterned outfits.

6:00 pm | Red Carpet “Get Your Dots On” Meet and Greet Reception. All ticket holders are invited. Rub elbows with artists, special guests, and panelists.

7:00pm | Film screening followed by a panel discussion with prominent guest artists and audience members moderated by: Joe Meyers, longtime Hearst Media critic, feature writer, and Programming Director for Focus on French Cinema.

Yayoi Kusama is the top-selling female artist in the world, best known for her colorful polka dot- and pumpkin-themed designs, and her massively popular mirrored Infinity Rooms. Her work has pushed boundaries that often alienated her from her peers and those in power in the art world.


KUSAMA - INFINITY shows the artist overcoming the odds to bring her radical artistic vision to the world stage - growing up in Japan during World War II, life in a dysfunctional family that discouraged her creative ambitions, sexism and racism in the art establishment, and mental illness in a culture where that was a particular stigma. Kusama has created a legacy of artwork that spans the disciplines of painting, sculpture, installation art, performance art, poetry, and novels. After six decades of work, people around the world are experiencing her Infinity Rooms in record numbers, and Kusama continues to create work every day.


7:00pm Wed April 10

"Sugar Cube"
Love Down Under Style

Complimentary Wine For Audience Members

90:00 Dir. Luke Jacobson - An Aussie Drama-Comedy about coffee, cocktails and rejection. As James, the local barista, is sure his feelings will be rejected by his best friend Sarah, he struggles to see his gender prejudices and the damage they cause.

Director’s Statement: Growing up in the nineties in country Tasmania means that the concept of feminism has been a relatively new outlook for me. Being a lover of all types of film, I realised that traditional romantic comedies suffer from an unseen support of the patriarchy at their core. I wanted to try to write a script that takes the generic traits of the rom-com genre, and exposes the situation to real world characters, including a lead female character who has her own journey and opinions that don't fit in with the main male lead.



7:00pm Wed April 17

Dramatique Shorts IV 2019 Vol I 110 min

Complimentary Wine For Audience Members

Dangerous Intersection 13:30 Dir. Zak Mir - A college bound young girl, Emily, has come to her neighbor’s house to walk her dog when she runs into Paolo another neighbor, who is taking care of the garden outside. Suddenly Paolo comes inside the house and tries to chat her up. Emily feels trapped, endangered but plays along. They talk, drink and listen to music until Paolo wrongfully projects his past on Emily and their night turns into horror.

Collar 14:40 Dir. Russell Emanuel - What happens when a seemingly ordinary priest is confronted by a seemingly ordinary man? While reading the Bible on a particularly windy day, Father Harris is confronted by a tall stranger, one who makes him question his beliefs and motivations. And all in a quest for the truth, however horrifying. Not even a helpful woman can save this priest, who must make a choice. For not all sins can be forgiven.

Pause 6:25 Dir. Ryan Glauser - When faced with an imminent nuclear threat, a family reminisces about simpler, happy times in order to make peace with their devastating reality. Pause.. It's not too late.

Swing Shift 13:00 Dir. Ben Williams - After enduring a New Year's Eve serving sloshed idiots - manager, Elle, and her employee, Paul, savor some moments of peace & quiet cleaning up their bar. But as the two wind down, a blizzard outside picks up - and mere small talk snowballs into far more than they expected.

Brooklyn In July 21:02 Dir. Bob Celli, Prod. Laura Delano - Brooklyn In Julyis the story of Frank Walker, an African-American WWII veteran working as a chauffeur. It is the summer of 1945. The War is all but won. The U.S. is riding a wave of triumph even as the undertow of unresolved issues roils beneath. Frank, like so many other African-Americans of the time, is drawn to New York by the promise of better life only to be confronted by the same realities, fear, and hatred he hoped he had left behind. ?He is a man scarred by a past that is lurking skin deep.

Bloodhound Disciple 18:19 Dir. Manuel Del Valle - A renewed ex-gang member who converted into a Catholic priest is determined to get back his younger brother who is in serious danger at the hands of his old crime partners.

Communication Is Key 9:51 Dir. A.D. Burnett - When a woman refuses to speak to her husband, his words only make matters worse.

Cells 12:00 Dir. Raymond Wood - When a reputable doctor finds himself being held captive by a group of masked intruders, he struggles to understand their motives while being forced to answer why billions of dollars go wasted each year in the name of medical research.


7:00pm Wed April 24 FilmFest52 Classic Cine Series Continues With

The 50th Anniversary Screening Of:

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Starring CT Resident: Keir Dullea

2001: A Space Odyssey is a 1968 epic science fiction film produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick. The screenplay was written by Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke, and was inspired by Clarke's short story "The Sentinel". A novel also called 2001: A Space Odyssey, written concurrently with the screenplay, was published soon after the film was released.

The film, which follows a voyage to Jupiter with the sentient computer HAL after the discovery of a mysterious black monolith affecting human evolution, deals with themes of existentialism, human evolution, technology, artificial intelligence, and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. The film is noted for its scientifically accurate depiction of spaceflight, pioneering special effects, and ambiguous imagery. Sound and dialogue are used sparingly and often in place of traditional cinematic and narrative techniques. The soundtrack incorporates a number of pieces of classical music, among them Also sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss, The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss II, and works by Aram Khachaturian and György Ligeti.

2001: A Space Odyssey is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential films ever made. In 1991, it was deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. Sight & Sound magazine ranked 2001: A Space Odyssey sixth in the top ten films of all time in its 2002 and 2012 critics' polls editions; it also tied for second place in the magazine's 2012 directors' poll. In 2010, it was named the greatest film of all time by The Moving Arts Film Journal.

2001: A Space Odyssey was financed and distributed by American studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, but filmed and edited almost entirely in England, where Kubrick lived, using the facilities of MGM-British Studios and Shepperton Studios. MGM subcontracted the film to Kubrick's production company in order to qualify for the Eady Levy, a UK tax on box-office receipts used to fund the production of films in Britain at the time. The film received mixed reactions from critics and audiences upon its release, but garnered a cult following and became the highest-grossing North American film of 1968. It was nominated for four Academy Awards; Kubrick received one for his direction of visual effects. A sequel, 2010: The Year We Make Contact, directed by Peter Hyams, was released in 1984.


7:00pm Wed May 1

Transgender In Tech & In The Muslim World

Meet n’ Greet With Complimentary Wine For Audience Members
7:00pm Film & Panel Discussion

Passage To Womanhood - A group of Muslim trans women stand their ground against social marginalization in secular Malaysia. Redefining femininity in Islam they are painting painting their own portrayal of womanhood.

TransGeek - Co Directors: Kevin McCarthy & Sayer Andrew Johnson - TransGeek Movie brings together the stories of transgender people working in the tech industry and existing within geek culture. These are the stories of people that risked their careers and their lives to be their authentic selves. These are the stories of people that persevere in an industry that undervalues women, LGBT folk, and people of color; to pursue their passions. These are the stories of people that found themselves in the pages of science fiction and fantasy, or didn't and wrote themselves in anyway. These are the stories of people that turned to the Internet to build communities that transcended geography and bigotry, and then found themselves again the target of hatred and harassment. TransGeek Movie is about making a place for transgender people to tell their own stories in their own voices. The film uses in-depth interviews conducted over a period of several years to explore the lives, hobbies, politics, careers, and thoughts of transgender geeks, and features an original score composed by Zoë Blade, a British electronic musician and transgender woman.


7:00pm Wed May 8

Harvest Season

Complimentary Wine For Audience Members
Q&A With Director: Bernardo Ruiz (Reportero, Kingdom of Shadows)

Harvest Season delves into the lives of people who work behind the scenes of the premium California wine industry, during one of the most dramatic grape harvests in recent memory. The film follows the stories of Mexican-American winemakers and migrant workers who are essential to the wine business, yet are rarely recognized for their contributions. Their stories unfold as wildfires ignite in Napa and Sonoma counties, threatening the livelihoods of small farmers and winemakers who are already grappling with a growing labor shortage, shifting immigration policies, and the impacts of a rapidly changing climate.


7:00pm Wed May 15

Guest Artist

6:00pm Meet n' Greet Reception With Director And Producer 7:00pm Film And Q&A With Joe Meyers, Former Hearst Newspapers Film & Theater Critic

Starring Jeff Daniels (To Kill A Mockingbird, Newsroom, The Purple Rose of Cairo)
Directed by Tim Busfield (West Wing, Thirtysomething, Field of Dreams)
Produced by Melissa Gilbert (Little House on the Prairie, Splendor in the Grass)

Joseph Harris (Jeff Daniels), a legendary but troubled playwright arrives at a small Michigan town at Christmastime to mount his latest play. Greeting the cynical New Yorker is a young aspiring writer who challenges his literary hero to be the icon he’d hoped for. Harris wants no part of Michigan, being the young man’s hero, or the theatre he’s come to work with. No sooner than he arrives Harris makes plans to return to NY on the next train out. Desperate and scrambling to keep him in town, the young man must face his hero and explore the tangled relationship between the dreams of youth and the wisdom of age.


7:00pm Wed May 22

Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace & Music (Directors Cut) (1970)

6:00pm Meet n' Greet
7:00pm Film With Brief Intermission

Celebrate The 50th Anniversary Of The Greatest Festival Of All Time

Woodstock was a music festival held on a dairy farm in the Catskill Mountains, northwest of New York City, between August 15–18, 1969, which attracted an audience of more than 400,000.

Billed as "An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music", it was held at Max Yasgur's 600-acre dairy farm near White Lake in Bethel, New York, 43 miles (70 km) southwest of Woodstock.

Over the sometimes rainy weekend, 32 acts performed outdoors. It is widely regarded as a pivotal moment in popular music history, as well as the definitive nexus for the larger counterculture generation. Rolling Stone listed it as number 19 of the 50 Moments That Changed the History of Rock and Roll.

The event was captured in the Academy Award-winning 1970 documentary movie Woodstock, an accompanying soundtrack album, and Joni Mitchell's song "Woodstock", which commemorated the event and became a major hit for both Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and Matthews Southern Comfort. Joni Mitchell said, "Woodstock was a spark of beauty" where half-a-million kids "saw that they were part of a greater organism". In 2017, the festival site was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.